Thank you for your interest in our environment and your carbon footprint.

Given that social media now provides the social features of CO2gether's groups and sharing capabilities and that the same resources CO2gether has provided are available elsewhere, the functionality to track and monitor your carbon footprint and form groups to discuss environmental topics has been removed from this web page. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.


My Carbon Footprint

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  • Madison Gas and Electric customers: easily monitor and view charts of your energy use at
  • Find helpful tips to reduce your energy consumption at
  • Transportation

  • Calculate your potential savings from alternative transportation choices in Wisconsin at
  • Learn more about transportation issues in Wisconsin at
  • Food

    Learn more about how your food choices can impact our environment at


    Thank you for your interest in reducing your environmental footprint.

  • 1000 Friends of Wisconsin
  • Madison Gas and Electric
  • UW-Madison's Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment
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